Graph Literacy App

Graph Literacy App on a Tablet

Equivalent Graphs

Quadratic Equations

Learn about graphs that represent the same data, though they look different because they employ different scales.


Transformations of Functions

Find linear trends on graphs and use these trends to interpolate values and find corresponding linear equations.

Dependent & Independent Variables

Exponential Functions

For various scenarios, determine the dependent and independent variables for display on a graph.

Identifying General Graph Features

Quadratic Equations

Learn to visually process an overall graph pattern or trend (shape) and to relate graph shapes and meanings.

Teacher Resources

Based on extensive research, the activities in the Graph Literacy app are aligned with the Common Core. Lesson plans are available on the Graph Literacy app support website.

About Graph Literacy

The Graph Literacy project's primary goals are to: Develop and pilot test three to six free computer-based instructional activities that improve student graph comprehension, aimed especially at science students in grades 7 and 8, and develop a pilot assessment instrument focusing on students' comprehension of graphs. Learn more »

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